Specializing in obtaining and
defending Intellectual Property.

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KLAUBER & JACKSON LLC provides expertise in obtaining, defending, and enforcing intellectual property rights providing a team of experienced attorneys, patent agents and legal assistants with broad experience and technical expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic chemistry, mechanical and medical devices, electrical and computer engineering, telecommunications, plant patents, design patents and business methods. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are our focus.

KLAUBER & JACKSON LLC is engaged exclusively in the practice of United States and international intellectual property law. We provide particular expertise in

  • Developing intellectual property strategies
  • Patenting high technology
  • Registering trademarks and copyrights
  • Preparing infringement and validity opinions
  • Evaluating and licensing intellectual property
  • Negotiating agreements involving intellectual property
  • Litigating intellectual property issues
  • Conducting opposition and third party ex parte review proceedings

Providing business and commercial perspective in assessing and developing technology

  • Working with business partners to review technology landscapes
  • Working with and advising potential investors in assessing the value of technology
  • Advising business partners in effectively developing products

Core Specialization in Intellectual Property Law

  • Patent preparation and prosecution
  • Trademark registration
  • Copyright registration
  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • Negotiating the transfer and sale of intellectual property
  • Litigating intellectual property issues
  • Defending and enforcing intellectual property rights

Klauber & Jackson provides a diverse team of professionals experienced in providing a comprehensive business oriented approach to strategic intellectual property planning, portfolio management and intellectual property development.

Klauber & Jackson offers high quality work at a highly competitive rate. Many of our professionals have previously been associated with the largest law firms in the United States.

Our professionals possess diverse skill sets and provide interactive and comprehensive legal services including

  • Business development, licensing and contracts involving intellectual property,
  • Counseling, advising and planning regarding regulatory affairs,
  • Assessing freedom to operate and the validity of the intellectual property of competitors, due diligence and patent strategy counseling

Our approach to intellectual property matters includes

  • Reviewing the patent landscape surrounding a technology being developed and assessing the freedom to operate around the intellectual property of others
  • Assessing the market potential of technology being developed
  • Identifying potential weaknesses associated with an intellectual property portfolio and providing potential solutions to advance product development and maximize intellectual property value


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